AlignUp® Management Training

Aligning your workplace. Transforming your business.

When executives, managers, and employees are not on the same page, businesses take the hit. AlignUp® training program increases synergy and understanding among employees from the top-down, empowering them to reach organizational goals, while understanding and appreciating its vision.

Our AlignUp® training program transforms organizations by improving communication, encouraging collaboration, and increasing productivity, cohesion, and support among employees. Our program works by first aligning key decision-makers and their direct reports – because only when there’s synergy among top management will that alignment trickle down throughout the organization.

An aligned workplace is not just more successful – it’s inspirational, employing talented people who are passionate, enthusiastic and happy in their work.

Get Aligned in Just 12 Months

HERZOG LEADERSHIP CONSULTING’s AlignUp program transforms organizations by working directly with executives, managers and employees through online learning, monthly assignments and executive coaching – all within a structured and seamless training experience.

Are you ready to AlignUp your workplace?

“A can-do attitude is contagious. When a leader is passionate about the business, that passion trickles down to every level of the organization.”

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