Results Driven Sales Manager™

Ten months. Ten principles. Exponential sales growth.

With so much riding on their success, managing a sales team is not like managing any other department. Unfortunately, ineffective sales management is a hugely common issue among organizing of all sizes – and when sales management misses the mark, sales teams miss their goals and the bottom line suffers. Conversely, effective management can be the most significant factor in sales success. And when sales teams succeed, so does the entire organization.

The HERZOG LEADERSHIP CONSULTING Results Driven Sales Manager program is based on 10 skill sets proven to help sales managers increase sales and gross profit results for their organizations. Using a much different approach than traditional sales training, this program provides the framework, tools, knowledge and skills required to recruit, hire and manage salespeople who will achieve greater results for your organization.

Manage your sales teams and increase sales – all in ten!

10 Months | 10 Principles to Increased Sales.

Great sales management nurtures and develops salespeople. With our sales management training, you will learn to hire and retain the right salespeople, while keeping your teams energized and motivated. This 10-month program includes DISC assessment for all participants, monthly online training topics, monthly, two-hour online/one on one training with each manager, and monthly, one on one coaching sessions.

Ready to take your sales team to the next level?

“When sales managers become effective leaders, they empower their team to better understand the sales pipeline, hit sales quotas and exceed organizational goals.”

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